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Business Automation System


When your subsystems and technology all work together in a user-friendly way, your business operations and productivity improves. In the morning, simply press “daytime” to turn off your alarm system, turn on the lights, open the blinds, turn on video displays and set the internal temperature. By integrating all your systems — climate, window treatments, video and audio, lights and security — you gain total, simple control of your business space from a mobile device, remote, keypad or touch screen. You also can choose to have your lights adjust automatically based on occupancy levels, or time of day.


With a single button, you can experience your high-definition media content in your office. Smart-media control gives you easy access to HD video and audio content, whether the source is cable, satellite, analog or digital, from a server, or streamed online. To watch live sports, listen to news radio, play background music from a smartphone or show a company video, employees can easily access control interfaces from a keypad or touch screen. We can create the ideal media-control solution for your needs, and you can finally get rid of the clutter of wall-based controls or the drawer full of remotes.


Would you like to achieve the ideal ambiance and comfort in every part of your office? Maybe you’re interested in saving energy by using smart technology to balance your electric lights and natural lighting. To save on utility bills, you can also have lights turn off automatically when your guests or employees leave a room. You can set the lights in your lobby area to a welcoming, warm glow while dedicated lighting elsewhere is bright enough for your team members to get tasks done efficiently. Program your lights to automatically become dimmer as the sun goes down so that your guests and team members hardly notice any change. For any business need, intelligent lighting provides a smart solution.


For small, medium and large businesses around the country, our entry systems provide customized control options. Ensure that only authorized personnel can access your commercial space or restricted areas within your property. Access control can stand on its own, or it can be combined with other technology solutions for maximum efficiency, such as by adding video capabilities to track who enters and leaves. Receive detailed reports about who went into certain areas and when entries and exits occurred. Control access through smart technology includes biometric fingerprints, gate control options, and magnetic locks on doors. We work with you to create a customized solution that meets your goals.


HD surveillance cameras positioned around your commercial property allow you to observe and record activities in real time, whether you’re on-site or across the country. You can view current video streams of your perimeter, interior areas and entrances, and you can look in on valuable assets from the same touch screen or mobile device that controls your audio and video system. Available types of cameras include covert, long-range, CCTV, pan-tilt-zoom and others. Video solutions based on triggering actions can help you stop unfavorable events as they happen rather than simply recording them. For maximum security, your surveillance data can be encrypted, stored and streamed securely.

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